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A Geographic Information System (GIS in its English acronym) is an organized collection of hardware, software, geographic data and personnel designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze and display in all its forms geographically referenced information to solve complex planning and management. Also be defined as a model of a part of reality referred to a ground coordinate system and built to meet specific information needs.
His informationPotential Municipal GIS information is represented as layers of information and divided into different groups that organize themselves to different information products based on its dynamic content which is updated daily as a result of the generation of information within the municipality, or as a result of the delivery of information from our external sources of data.
The groups for consultation are:

SATELLITE ImágenesDE photogrammetric, among others.

UrbanoSITIOS of urban facilities.

SOCIOECONOMIC GeoestadísticaESTADÍSTICAS information.

Urban Development and SíntesisInformación Charter of the Directorate General of Urban Development.

FinanzasInformación of the Municipal Finance.

PúblicasInformación Works Municipal Directorate of Public Works.

State YucatánInformación references.

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